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According to the city of Edmonton, Alberta, more than $200 billion has been spent on construction projects over the past decade or so. And that likely doesn’t include real estate investment projects or personal construction renovations.

No matter the scope of the job, all construction projects have one thing in mind. They all need a dumpster onsite to allow for faster waste removals.

When it seems as if you can’t find an affordable or reliable dumpster provider, you can always count on CDM Waste Management for lower rental rates and quality customer service. We can deliver your dumpster quickly anywhere throughout the community, making your project simpler than ever.

Whether you need to avoid costly rental prices or need to know that your project stays in good hands, we remain the best choice for your needs every day. Contact us now and see why more residents depend on us each time.


Residential & Commercial Rentals

Even if you aren’t completing a construction project or renovation job, you may discover that your staff creates more waste than what your current plan can keep up with each week. You may find that, in addition to your usual waste removal service, an onsite dumpster is also necessary.

No matter the reason why you’ve called us, we’re glad that you did because it means we get to help someone else save on quality services. No one else assists more people throughout the city as we do daily.

Contact CDM Waste Management today.

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