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All construction sites remain a potentially dangerous place, even if it’s a small home renovation project. Supply theft, noisy neighbors, wild animals and more can soon add lots of liability to your site.

Instead, you need an Edmonton fence rental service that provides quality fencing and affordable pricing. When other companies fail to solve your needs, you can still turn to CDM Waste Management.

We remain the reliable source for temporary fence rental that secures and protects what is yours. More site managers and property owners throughout the greater Edmonton, Alberta, community know that we keep their jobs safer for less.

Whether you don’t have enough to cover all of your open spaces, or you need to know that you aren’t spending too much, you can rely on us for all your construction rental needs. Contact us today to hear what you can save on quality fence leasing solutions.

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Edmonton Fence Rentals

No matter what you need from your security fencing, we guarantee lasting protection at lower costs. Our quality fencing products stand 6’ tall, and you can lease them in ten-foot sections.

That creates 60 square feet of protected property, assets, or buildings, as well as daily defense against burglars and trespassers. Whatever concerns you may have for your items, we know that they will remain safe every day.

Most construction sites remain required to provide a specific amount of protection and fencing to better protect the public, your staff, and any other essential items. Ignoring your needs is not only a poor choice, but it may cause you to have to pay fines.

There is no need to allow your work sites to cost you more, especially when we can save you a ton on quality fencing products. Make sure that your project remains its safest for less and rent from our team today.

Who Benefits from Temporary Fencing?

While some uses for fences stay apparent, others might not have considered it for their line of work. No matter what you might need from our rental products, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

From outdoor events to industrial properties, private gatherings and home improvement jobs, our fences can assist you with it all. We ensure all of our items remain in quality condition to achieve lasting protection every day.

You can depend on our fences for any application or surface to install them. Whatever sectors that you work in, we are here for you, including:

  • Outdoor Swimming Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Emergency Situations
  • Law Enforcement Barriers
  • Live Events
  • Swimming Pool Fencing
  • Guest Flow Control
  • Backyard Renovation Projects
  • Outdoor Entrance & Exits
  • Vehicle Sales
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Sporting Events
  • And more temporary fencing needs.

Whatever you need from our products, we know that they will solve all your problems quickly. Call today and schedule your temporary fence rentals now.

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You can’t afford to leave your work sites unprotected, and valuable assets soon go missing. Keep your outdoor spaces better protected with CDM Waste Management rentals.

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